Grace starts her first day of 4th grade

We had a great time in Wyoming for vacation!

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Happy Halloween

Crazy Halloween

It was a great Halloween this year.   We had over 70 people show up this year . . . including these crazy people who showed up on our porch!  See all the photos by clicking here.

Grace, Riley and Cassie become part of the Pirate League!

Today, Dj and Jen invited Grace to join Riley and Cassie to become part of the Pirate League. 

Here’s the BEFORE:

and AFTER:

It was lots of fun as Adults and Kids can get made up to be pirates and empresses.  They had six different basic face styles to choose from, but only one taylored specifically for girls.  They still came out a little different as they choose their own nail polish, bandanna and eye patch colors.   It was a great day with her cousins.  See even more photos, by clicking here…

Thanks D!

Visiting Shelley and Mike in Seattle

Dierdre, Grace and I recently visited Shelley and Mike in Seattle.  They were excellent hosts and we had a great time!  Thanks! 

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Happy Easter

Hope everyone had a blessed Happy Easter.

Dinner with Dan

We said goodbye to Annie as she heads home to Ohio.  She also treated Dan to a great meal at Texas de Brazil.

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009 from John, Sherri, Dave, Melanie, Jessica, Randy, Rick, Dierdre, and Grace.


Grace has a beach day with her Uncle Rod

Grace had a great afternoon at the beach with her Uncle Rod over the holiday break.  The water was cold, but they braved the waves anyway.  We also got some great shells.

And Grace even let us bury her in the sand!  More of the beach day photos are here!

Merry Christmas from Florida

No we didn’t go swimming, but we could have!  Merry Christmas to everyone up North!

More photos (none with snow) can be found here!