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We celebrate Annie’s return and Grace’s birthday!

Annie’s back in Florida.  Travis drove her all the way from Ohio and the trip was pretty uneventful.   We celebrated her return and Grace’s birthday with a visit to Busch Gardens with her Uncle Travis.  It was a great time the first day; when we stayed overnight at a nearby hotel.   Travis became ill the [...]

Grace celebrates her 8th birthday…

This year, Grace celebrates her 8th birthday with a visit to Chuck-E-Cheese, swimming and a sleepover with her 2 cousins and 2 of her girlfriends.  It was a wild time; with lots of screaming and tons of fun!  They only stayed up until 12:30am!  Mom and Dad took the rest of the weekend to recover! More [...]

Rick receives a great pin from Scoop

Scoop Sanderson is one of the principal characters helping create the 1920′s atmosphere on Main Street U.S.A at the Magic Kingdom.  His role is the Main Street reporter and while covering the news and frolicking with the guests; he finds time to trade Disney pins as well.  In fact; Scoop may be the most enthusiastic pin [...]

Larry visits Orlando

After 10 years in Orlando, Larry; one of Rick’s best friends from Zanesville, Ohio; finally pays a visit to Florida to see the family and do some park hopping.  We certainly made up for lost time during Larry’s visit.  The first full day he was here we caught up while visiting three theme parks in one day.  [...]

Rick at the political conventions

Rick was part of the NPR team setting up for this year’s political conventions in Denver and St. Paul.  It was a great opportunity to see all of the candidates and see an amazing group of reporters; editors and producers putting together some great radio.  This was Rick’s 6th year of political convention set-ups; his [...]