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Here is a NIPPER.ORG family calendar based on the Google Calendar engine.  Check out the happenings with the NIPPER.ORG family.

Annie needs some help…

Annie has a bird feeder in Ohio that feeds birds fine, but occassionally some other creatures (perhaps some squirrels) get into it and deprive the intended creatures from their meals.  Our vast NIPPER.ORG research department may have come up with a solution…

DJ, Jen, Riley and Cassie have a new kitty

     Riley and Cassie have a new playmate . . . now Grandma Judy and Papaw Bill have a new grandaughter!  Meet 3 month old Mia!

Rod’s got a new house!

Here are some great shots of Rod’s new house! Congratulations Rod!


Other FUN stuff online! 


What’s happening in the lives of our friends? Max visits Orlando and the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival!  


Welcome to the Family page.   Viewing some of the links below and posting comments require that you log in under the Admin heading to the right.   If you don’t have an account yet, anyone can get one.   Just click on Register. 1. Grace lost her first tooth in March 2. Grace loves Soccer! 3. Davy Jones [...]


Welcome to our FAITH Page!   Here we link to the churches we routinely attend.  You are always welcome to join us anytime.  Right now, were attending Windermere Union Church of Christ and Pershing Avenue Christian Church