Grace 9th Grade

Grace 9th Grade

Grace’s school photo

Grace’s new 5th grade school photo is back. She looks so grown up.

Grace celebrates her 11th birthday

Grace celebrated her 11th birthday with 9 of her girl friends and family. 7 of them slept over. What a great time! Click the photo to see more.

Grace starts 5th grade

Grace has started 5th grade! This year, she’s part of the safety patrol helping younger kids get in and out of cars and busses. She loves her teacher and has new friends already.

Rick attends D23 Disney fan conference

Rick took a vacation from the right coast to attend the D23 fan conference. Among the highlights were the Disney Legends Ceremony where Regis received his award (see the photo below) and the Voices in the Parks session where we were introduced to some of the faces behind the voices of Disney theme park attractions. Click the photo below for more photos.

Another memorable trip to Wyoming

We took another memorable vacation to Yellowstone (our third year!) and it was amazing as usual. This year, we took the trip with Pete and Anne Jarrett. It was their first time in the Park. We took the Northeast Beartooth passage from Billings, MT this time and it was BEAUTIFUL! We also saw our first full black bear this visit. Check out the photos by clicking the photo below.

Grace finally gets her new room

After several weeks of planning and tons of help from Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and a very tired Mom and Dad, Grace’s new bedroom is finally done.  No more pink walls and pink ceiling fan.  Thanks to all for your ideas and your help!  Click the picture for more photos of the finished room.

Happy Easter and Dierdre’s Birthday

We missed D.J., Dave and Rod, but we were blessed with a pretty big turnout with great food, lots of Easter Eggs and loads of fun this Easter.  Most importantly it was the best opportunity to share the many blessings of our family and friends this Easter.  Thanks again to Chad and Stacy who came from Ohio.  Dierdre also celebrated her 4*th birthday.  Hope you all had a good one too.  Click on the photo below for more pictures of the weekend activities and Easter Sunday.

Back from Washington, DC

We had a great time in Washington, DC.   It was only 3 days, but we crammed alot into it.  We were sorry we couldn’t visit friends while in town, but this trip was crammed with touring.  Riley, Grace and Cassie were all doing the monuments for the first time!  Click the Photo for all of the pictures!

Grace celebrates her 10th Birthday

Grace celebrated her 10th birthday with some of her friends.  Click on the photo for more pictures from the fun.